The editing services we provide can include, depending upon your needs:

  • language, including clarity, voice and tone, grammar and usage, spelling and punctuation
  • completeness, consistency and continuity including logical sequence
  • use of clichés, jargon, ambiguous or awkward expressions
  • unnecessary repetition, tautologies and redundancies
  • rambling sentences or structure
  • unduly long paragraphs, sentences or words
  • monotonous style resulting from the use of too many sentences of the same length or structure
  • the use of lists, illustrations and tables
  • help with compiling lists for contents, abbreviations, illustrations and tables
  • checking tables and other non-text material for style consistency and editorial and other errors
  • consistent use of technical terms, scientific notation, symbols, acronyms, and numbers
  • cross-referencing within the text
  • checking of citations and references consistency/concordance
  • general formatting and layout of the document (word breaks, orphans & widows, paragraph indentation, spacing between lines and words, page numbering, heading styles, running headlines)
  • full manuscript preparation for publication.

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