File transfer

As we prefer to work on MS Word documents, depending upon the size of the file(s) the document can be conveniently emailed or uploaded onto a free file transfer server (these are the quickest methods). The editor will download it, edit it and then put this back up on the server for you to access.

Files less than ~10 MB usually can be emailed successfully as attachments. However, if you are having problems emailing a large attachment then you can upload it to a free file transfer server (reliable services are in our Links list). There may be a file transfer size limit. Dropbox has no size limit, is very good, and its free.

If the file you want to upload is large then compress it (and split it into appropriately sized parts if necessary) with an excellent little utility called 7-zip (down-loadable from Additionally you can password encode it (with 7-zip) if you wish — you will have to tell Halcyon Words what the password is in order for us to extract the file. Actually it is a good idea to compress and password protect all attachments emailed as well.

Hard copy material and work on CD/DVD/USB can be posted to our postal address – go to our contact page .

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