It is our commitment to provide the best professional practice to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.


We strive to produce the best quality results possible within time and budget constraints.  We negotiate realistic agreements on schedules, price, and delivery format, and we fulfil contractual obligations in a timely, responsible manner.  We are truthful in advertising our services.  We try to alert our clients and employers when we believe that material in documents may have problematic aspects.


We respect the confidentiality of clients and employers, disclosing information only with their consent or when legally required to do so—refer to our privacy policy.  Any work samples included in resumes are properly attributed.


We avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts to clients and employers before proceeding with negotiations or projects.  Not withstanding a respect of confidentiality, we believe in making information freely available and to the best of our ability, we provide truthful and accurate communications.  We dedicate ourselves to conciseness, clarity, coherence, and creativity, in striving to meet the needs of all our clients.


We evaluate information products and services constructively and tactfully, and seek definitive assessments of our own professional performance.  We undertake all projects with equanimity.  We are aware of the need to be culturally sensitive and always treat our clients without bias towards their backgrounds and beliefs.  We seek to advance the profession through our own integrity and excellence.

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