Writing? Want it to look good? Want it to sound just right  for your readers?
You need a professional editor –  contact us.

Do you need to produce a professional looking publication? Need content for your website or just some help with making it tidy, correct and effective?

Do you want a high quality, well presented and easy-to-read brochure, manuscript, or manual?

Just want help with your English grammar, punctuation and expression?

Need graphics produced, laid out or simply ‘polished’?

Halcyon Words can help you.

Call us now 02 49956101 or email us to discuss your needs.

Why Halcyon Words? Because we have over 10 years copyediting experience we can offer a full range of editorial services at competitive rates:

  • proofreading and copyediting

  • substantive editing

  • website content creation and editing

  • technical writing

  • graphic production and layout

  • full document production ready for publication


We cover all areas, academic and business related content, annual reports, brochures, technical reports, manuals, websites etc, but we can offer highly specialised service in the sciences, especially biology, psychology and medicine, as well as computing, engineering and technical fields.

Our editors will get your writing in shape and looking good!

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